NCurses Music Player Client (Plus Plus)


Installation for:

Gentoo Linux:

Arch Linux:

ncmpcpp stable package is available in community repo, ncmpcpp-git is in AUR.


ncmpcpp is available in ports (audio/ncmpcpp), to install type: # cd /usr/ports/audio/ncmpcpp/ && make install clean


you can install ncmpcpp using yum, to install type: yum install ncmpcpp


You can install ncmpcpp in Debian by executing: # apt-get install ncmpcpp as root.


You can install ncmpcpp in Mandriva by executing: urpmi ncmpcpp as root.


There are two ways: If you're not sure, first option is recommended as live repository may contain more bugs.

To download live repository you'll need git system control version.

you have to execute the following command: git clone git:// then enter downloaded folder: cd ncmpcpp and regenerate configure script and makefiles by typing: ./ if it succeeded without errors, now it's time to run: ./configure YOUR_CONFIGURE_OPTS (you can see them by typing ./configure --help)
make install
However, if you want to install it from tarball, download and unpack it: tar pjvxf TARBALL_FILENAME then enter unpacked directory and type: ./configure YOUR_CONFIGURE_OPTS
make install
congratulations, you have successfully installed ncmpcpp :)

Tip: grab example config files from YOUR_CONFIGURE_PREFIX/share/doc/ncmpcpp (most likely /usr/share/doc/ncmpcpp or /usr/local/share/doc/ncmpcpp) and customize it to suit your needs.

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